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My Healthy Lifestyle

   Reliv became an important part of my families' daily regimens in 1996, after many years of my trying to mix and match siupplements on my own.  I am not a food scientist, so you can imagine that my efforts were hit and miss.  

   We had six children at the time, and I would line them up to drop healthy tinctures into to their mouths every morning, and made sure to include lots of Vitamin C as well as healthy food choices every day.  We had a big garden and fished for salmon regularly, eating a very healthy diet.  I even ground my own grain which we made into healthy whole grain breads.  I still knew something was missing.  I was tired ALL of the time, even as a teen ager, and didn't sleep well most of my life.
   Then I heard about Reliv.  Stories of improved stamina and better sleep as well as a greater sense of well being and stories of supplemental income peaked my interest.
   Our family got started on the products, and experienced more results than we had with anything else we had tried,  but I did not think I had time to share this with anyone else, being a homeschooling mom. We decided to order a large supply which came with a 35% savings and 40% on future orders. Since it has a two year shelf life and a guarantee, our thought was that we would have plenty to last for our family from that order.
    Much to my surprise the order was gone in 6 weeks since my friends were noticing a difference in me, and wanted to know what I was doing and so I shared with them and some of them became customers, and others made the same decision we had to order more product.  I was 44 years old and felt better than I had in years in regard to sleep, energy and stamina.  I also used the product as a prenatal, and had the best pregnancy of all of them.  Our Reliv "business" was born about the same time as our 7th child.  So, Reliv became a form of supplemental income to our family because of the results ourselves and our friends were having. 
    Since many  people enjoy the benefits they experience from the Reliv products, we still have friends who started taking the product with us years ago and continue to enjoy better health in their later years like I have at the age of 68.  I am very active, swimming 4 to 5 days a week, walking the beach and actively playing and running around with my children and grandchildren, and still feeling better than I did as a teenager.  I have also benefited from enhanced recovery time from injuries as the result of an accident.  I feel "as good as new."

    I am very thankful to have these products, and they are the first "food" I put into my grocery cart.  Seeing my friends and family and others derive similar benefits does my heart good!  

    If you are interested in learning more, be sure to leave your contact information and I will be happy to get back to you and answer any questions. 

To Your Health!